Welcome to COS Telephone Support 

COS Telephone's Support is the best in the business. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals work one-on-one with our customers to ensure that the necessary resources are available to provide them with successful, simple solutions to meet all of their communications needs. 

General Repair

To report telephone system repair needs, please call 702-273-3536 Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST. When calling COS Telephone repair, please be prepared with the following information:

-Your business name
-Your address and telephone number
-Contact name of person at service site

Having trouble with your voice or data service, T1 or long distance? For faster service look on your telephone bill for the phone number of your service provider, call and report the problem or you may call our representative for assistance, we will be happy to assist you with your service or billing issue.

On Site Repair Service

COS Telephone, Inc. offers its customers on-site repair service, available through its technicians, or Certified Service Partners in the company’s principal market or nationwide. Our service rate are based on the following: (Critical) ETA same day, (Standard) 24-hour response, adds, moves and changes and (Out of Town) service calls outside of the city limits of the principal market. All with a one-hour minimum charge. Customers many purchase a one-year maintenance agreement.

Warranty & Support 

COS Telephone believes its product warranty and service support are very essential to achieve customer satisfaction and maintain good customer relations. The key element of the company’s product warranty and service support are as follows:

30-Day Limited Warranty:  The Company provides a 30-day limited warranty for any on-site service calls from the day of service up to 30-days, this covers parts, labor and installation. This warranty applies to TELECOMMUNICATIONS repair only.

One-Year Limited Warranty:  The Company provides a one-year limited warranty from the delivery date of the product that covers repairs or replacement parts for any defects in either workmanship, components or installation problems, system reprogramming not included. This warranty applies to TELEPHONE SYSTEMS and related products.

Statement of Guarantees:  The basic objective of COS Telephone, Inc. is to provide each customer with a properly installed and maintained communications system. Each system is designed to meet all applicable Federal Communications Commission registration requirements and to be equal to or better than the technical specifications required to use the local and long distance network.


COS Telephone develops and delivers high-quality training for their products and solutions. COS Telephone’s training platform include Nortel and Avaya’s product launches, channel and customer end-user solutions and skills development. COS Telephone uses a blended learning approach that offers a combination of web-based and on-site training to maximize effectiveness and decrease time required to reach proficiency. 

For service or information contact:

Customer Support
Telephone: 702-273-3536  
Fax: 877-249-9215

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST

Emergency Sales and Service Support Call: 702-217-1869